Thursday, May 31, 2007

Introduction and Dedication

Hi Foodies,

Finally, here I am, in the world of blogging. I'm a working mom with two cute little sons, a wife of a Pastor and a director of our software firm back home. All these roles keep me on the move all the time. Nevertheless I'll try to catch up with the Blog world, but at my own pace. I am not in the list of bloggers who publish a post every day. Whenever I cook a new dish and am able to capture it digitally, edit the images, write a recipe you can see a new post.

Hope you enjoy my food and do visit my other blogs,I'm working parallel.

This is my main blog (iFamily) in which I will be posting general issues such as travel, events, functions, day outs, family, friends, kids,etc.

This blog has a link to my food blog (iFood) and my hubby's Spiritual and Counselling blog (iSpirit)- As I have mentioned earlier, he is a Christian Pastor by Profession. There is also a link to his Fitness Blog (iFit)- He is a trained Fitness instructor as well.

I'll soon come up with a blog on technology issues (iTech), and a blog on Christian Gospel music and songs (iMusic)

A note regarding my food blog: As the name of my blog says, all these recipes are very personal to me. Hence, as far as the food tastes good, it matters little what kind of recipe is followed. So, some of the recipes here are a modified version by me. But I can say, they do taste good.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!

This Blog is dedicated to my Grand Mother :

Aunty ( Nov 27, 1936 - March 15, 2006 )

A Biography................ A Story worth knowing

She well deserves the title, 'Nightingale' as she had a good serving heart and she was good singer.

When I say Grand Mother, she is not my Father's mother, but her youngest Sister, Bhanu. My Father and all his siblings called her Aunty, and that became her nick name by which even all her grand children addressed her.

So where ever I mention Aunty here, it is not the relationship but my Grand Mother(GM) BHANU.

A School Teacher who loved her early widowed mother, (my great grand mother) so much that she remained a spinster all her life to take care of her. So all her life she served her mother and had a great role in bringing up her Sister's children who are my Father and his siblings.

In India as the joint family system prevailed in my childhood, I lived in a house with my grand mother (both maternal and paternal) and great grand mother and Uncles and Aunts.

She was a perfect mother to me and my two younger brothers. The loss of her can never be overcome by us. The thing we mourn is that all her life she served others literally till her last breath, and we didn't get an opportunity to serve her. That remains as one of our dreams which will never be fulfilled. I lived with her till I married at 23, (1975-1998), and though now the numbers of my age had interchange to 32, in the year 2007, her presence and the love she bestowed upon us is still so fresh. Her love towards me and my two brothers is immeasurable. Perhaps no one can comprehend it. But we three siblings want to shout it from the mountain top to this world, to display that pure love can never die.

As it is written in the Holy Bible "Love never fails", Love .........., Love ............., Love................ Well, she is the definition of all the features Love.

Till I finished my high school she was the one who braided my hair. When I was 20 in 1995, my Parents moved to the house they built, but I and my brothers stayed back with our grand mothers. We couldn't have the thought of being separated from them. It's the same with them. When we were still very little kids, all my grand mothers had to make a decision whether they wanted to live in India or in the US with my Great grand mother's Siblings. But definitely they opted to stay back to take care of us and to share our joys and sorrows in India.

Dedicating this blog to my 'aunty' BHANU is so meaningful, because most of my food recipes are inspired by her. More over, she was the official organizer of any food event in our family. Whether it was a Wedding Ceremony, Festival, Birthday, Anniversary or any other event in our family, she was always in charge of the food section. From grocery shopping to serving the food on the table, she was the queen in our family to do it all. So, to whom else can this blog be dedicated but to our beloved, ever loving 'aunty', BHANU.