Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Simple South Indian Omelette

Egg Omellete which is the theme of Married to Desi, and created by Nandita of Saffron trail, ended up with the simple version of South Indian Omelette.

This weekend I had plans of making the omelette that my Grand Mother always use to do it so specially. Those days when the egg beaters where not so popular in India, my GM use to beat the egg white on a plate holding in a slanting position, with a fork for atleast 15 minutes, to make the lather come and we children use to enjoy seeing the transformation of the sticky colorless translucent liquid being transformed into a big heap of white lather. Although I use to try to imitate her I never could get so much lather. Then she added the yolk and the onions, chillies, coriander leaves and give it a nice mix adding chilly powder and salt and then spread it on the heated oil on the tawa. Once the bottom side of the Egg is cooked she just used to wrap the egg from both sides, turn it upside down to make a bed of it, then cut it into three peices and remove from heat. This way only the outside of the omelette is hard and the inside remains soft. So thats my grandma's version.

But I really didn't have time to get it done. This weekend I was so tired I didn't mind giving up food to escape from cooking. So the Emergency Cook, yes my stand by, you guessed it right my D.husband, made this omelette for us so that we can have it with some salad. So I felt may be this is the Omelette that I can send for my entry.

o5 Yes, eggs always come to our rescue when we are in a hurry to cook, or don't want to invest much time in cooking. This is the beauty of egg especially in the form of Omelette that it is so versatile. And my, how many ways an Omelette can be made!!! With so many of my fellow bloggers coming up with such fascinating versions of bean Omelette, Noodles Omelette, Potatoe Omelette, I don't think my simple one will even stand before these entries.

And this even does'nt need any recipe writing.

Just crack an egg and beat it lightly, throw in some cut onions, green chillies and cilantro. A pinch of salt. The mixture is ready to go on a heated tawa coated with oil. Leave it for 1 or 2 mins and turn for another 1 min and you are ready to go.

o1 I call this the station omelette. In South Indian, if you get a chance to travel in a train(not the local trains), you can find these vendors selling the bread Omelette right there on the train platforms. They are always in a mad rush with people flooding them to get there parcel of bread omelette. So this fast and simple version helps them. And this tastes good too. I say this is the only hygene food that you can pick up on the station platforms, cause it is made right in front of you and sandwiched into the toasted bread. That was a small tour of the Indian train platforms. Good old memories!!!

So this Simple South Indian Omelette is my entry for Kanchan's WBB.

o4 Tips with making good omelettes: Eggs when cooked in an omelette form take very very less time to cook. But if we want the onions added to them also to cook we have to leave them on the tawa for more time, which will make them hard, and even sometimes charred which will take away all the nutritional value also. The best way to overcome is to pan fry the onions and chillies along with the chilly powder and salt. By adding the chilly powder to the onions also avoids the lumps that can be formed when you add it directly to the beaten egg. After the onions and chillies are almost cooked then add them to the beaten egg and make the omelette. This way once you know that the egg is cooked you can remove it from the tawa at once. Also this Omelette tastes even better.

Enjoy the Omelette round up.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Peach Mango Kesar Shake - My Trio

pmk26 With all these Food blog events on the roll, I'm forced to break my schedule of publishing only one post per week.

Saffron is the Spice of this month for the Think Spice Event created by Sunitha
Though I tasted so many desserts spiced with saffron, I never used it in my cooking even once in my life. With this blog event I got a chance to do that. And boy this spice is so rich in flavour that the sweet fragance of it when used really gives a feel of soothing.

I have a sweet tooth and luv wet sweets in which this spice is always accompanied. So using this spice gave me the feeing of eating my fav sweets, which other wise I eat very rarely because they are filled with sugar and calories.

Also, coming to the Blog event AFAM hosted by Mansi, for which this month fruit is Peach,though I voted for it, I had no clue what delicacy to make with Peaches cause I never adventured with them except eating them as fresh fruits.

collage So this weekend while I was doing my groceries picked up both fresh and canned peaches. I searched for the small box of Saffron(Kesar) which I had purchased long long time ago. Luckily I was able to locate it. Then I remembered I had this can of Kesar Mango Pulp in my Pantry too. Suddenly this phrase struck my head, "Peach Mango Kesar Shake" . I thought not a bad idea. Lets try. And amazingly it turn out so good. And before I could realize I hit a hatrick, because I could send this drink as an entry for What's Your Favourite(WYF) - diet food created by SnackOrama,
cause this drink can be substituted for a breakfast or a healthy dessert.

Although I did google with the key words of this drink, I ended up with my own recipe. Well, this is the power of Food Blogging - It upgrades us from a Cook to a "Chef ".

pmk19 Before I could round up this I have to share the tradegy of shooting these pictures. Here I was all happy with my new recipe and clicked a number of clicks before my hubby and kids could finish it up, that with a single button click on my camera I did the mistake of deleting all the pictures. I was so in depair and wouldn't accept any comforting words from my husband. Luckily I saved the last glass of it for a daylight shoot. So I managed to redo it all again.

Here is the detailed round up:

Saffron Spice:
Read what google says about this Spice: Saffron is much more than just a herb for cooking this will explain about saffron and it's natural healing ability.

pmk5Saffron originated in Arabia, but the plant was brought to Spain in the eighth century.

Today, Spain in the major exporter of the spice. Saffron is costly, it can be bought for as much as $ 50.00 per ounce.

Saffron is well worth the price, it has been contributed with promoting lower rates of heart disease.

Saffron is used to alleviate fatigue and exhaustion, because it works to strengthen the heart and nervous system.

It also aids in digestion by increasing the appetite. Saffron is also high in thiamin and riboflavin, to minerals that are known to promote a healthy heart.

Saffron can be made into milk, which offers preventive care for people with slight cardiac problems. To prepare take one-cup milk and bring to a boil, add a pinch of saffron.
PMK8 Reduce heat and simmer the mixture for two minutes. It can be sweeten with honey or sugar. Then drink once per day.

Saffron is also used to improve the mood and clear the brain, where you can think well. This mixture if taking properly will help in clearing your thoughts. You will need

A pinch of saffron threads and 3 ounces 100- proof alcohol. Place both ingredients in a covered jar. Let stand for two weeks.

Then store the jar in a cool, dry place. Drink 1/4 cup to help clear mind or as a mood booster.

When buying saffron chose strands over powder, the strands contain a better flavor. When storing saffron keep in airtight container in a cool dry place.
Check more detials of this Spice Saffron.

Peaches - sensual, soft, rich in nutrients and so lush with juice that it runs over our fingers and drips down our chins, cooling us with their sweet.
Native to China, the peach is the fruit of a tree discovered in Persia by Westerners during the conquest of Alexander the Great. Believing it to be native to that region, due to its abundance, they named it ‘perscia.’ The Chinese have cultivated the peach since earliest antiquity. This sensual fruit so fascinated them that it spawned legends…from being the key to immortality to being a powerful aphrodisiac.

pmk13 A close relative of the plum, apricot, cherry and almond, peaches come from trees that can grow to 16 to 26 feet in height. With deciduous leaves, peach trees blossom with magnificent pink flowers that bloom in the spring even before the leaves mature…just a tease for the yummy fruit the tree will bear when summer warms.

The sensual flesh of the peach can be a light golden, a creamy white or a pale greenish white, the latter being rare in the United States, but having the sweetest flavor. No matter the color, the flesh of the peach is juicy, fragrant, sweet, firm and the most seductive of all fruit.

pmk15 Not only yummy, peaches are a powerhouse of nutrients much needed during the heat of summer…potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin C, A and niacin…all nutrients that we lose with perspiration. Peaches contain a compound that is said to be a mild diuretic…so no puffy eyes and swollen fingers during hot, humid days.
Peaches are delicate little gems…so handle them carefully as they will spoil rapidly if bruised. Do not pack them too closely as they’ll cause each other to rot quickly. Unripe peaches are best left at room temperature to ripen, but once ripe, keep them in the refrigerator and use them quickly….they’ll only keep for a couple of days. A tip…let peaches come to room temperature before eating, as the flavor is more intensely sweet than when ice cold.


Eaten out of hand, in fruit salads, cobblers, pies, compotes peaches also lend themselves beautifully to canning, drying and freezing. But my favorite summer recipe combines savory flavors with the sweet sensuality of peaches, intensifying their yumminess.
(Text : Courtesy Christina Cooks)

Click here for Nutritional facts on Peaches

So here is the combo of these two ingredients:

Peaches fresh or Canned - 3 to 4 (If using canned add the juice also, say 1/2-1 cup)
Mango Pulp - 1- 2 cups ( Increase or Decrease depending upon what flavour you want more, peach or mango)
Saffron or Kesar - 1/2 tsp soaked in 2 Tbsps warm evapourated milk
Yogurt Peach flavour or Natural Plain- 1/2 cup (add more for thick base)
Honey -1 Tbsp
Milk - 1/2 cup (1% for healhty diet)
Sugar - 2 Tbsp (Can be omitted if desired a healthy diet or increased for more sweetness)
To garnish PMK10
A Slice and 1 cup cubes of Fresh Peaches.

The above measures make atleast 4 servings.

My Version:
This is too complicated, follow the steps carelfully.
In a blendor add all ingredients and beat them well.
Garnish with fresh fruit.

This really turned out to be a delicious drink. I was extremely happy by the results. My husband was all ready to gulp it before I can click these pictures. I like the fact that this can be used as an breakfast booster drink and also a Healthy Dinner dessert if it made thick or just a snack.

Sugar deleted this is one health drink, with each serving containing
Vitamins and Fibre from 2 servings of Fruits(Add fresh fruit for more benefits)
So this goes to A Fruit A Month - Peaches
Calcuim and Protien from the Yogurt and Milk.

The goodness of Saffron Spice - So this also goes to Think Spice - Saffron,

And this can be my favorite diet drink,desert or snack, with all the benefits mentioned above. Hence it also goes to What's Your Favorite (WYF)- Diet Food.

Click here for the health nutrition chart


Monday, October 22, 2007

Tamil Nadu Sundal....for JFI Festive Dishes

As I've metioned in my RCI Tamil Festivals post, I'm a christian and so not accquainted with all these festivals. But since all you bloggers are making Sundal as one of the dish. I decided that I will send my Tamil nadu Sundal as an entry for this blog Event..JFS:Dassera hosted by Past Present and Me and the Yum Blog. This event JFI was started by Indira



Click here for recipe and more.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Paasi Paruppu Payasam for RCI Tamil Festivals


Viji of Vcuisine is hosting RCI this month and the Theme is Tamil Festivals. Well my husband being a Tamilian and I living in Chennai(Madras), Tamil Nadu, for more than 4 years, have some knowledge of Tamil dishes. Mostly the snacks and desserts, that are prepared during the Tamil festivals, because in India during festival season it is customary to distribute sweets and Savouries to nieghbours. I, being a Christian the only Festivals celebrated is Easter and Christmas. And these are not Tamil festivals, though Tamil Christians also celebrate only these. So I don't think I can do write up on any Tamil festivals but I can post one of the Desserts that is popularly made for Tamil festivals- Paasi Paruppu Payasm.

Paasi Parupu in Tamil means Moong Dhall. As I metioned earlier, I got to taste this when our neighbours gave this to me whenever they made this for the Tamil festivals. So I got the recipe from them. There could be minor variations.
This is one easy yummy dessert..
All you have to do is to pressure cook Moong Dhall and add Jaggery syrup to it. For flavour the campanion for the Indian sweets (Guess What?) your right, The beautiful flavoured Spice " Cardamom". Garnish with fried Cashew and Raisins in ghee. Serve warm.

For detailed recipe click here.

This is my entry for RCI Tamil Festivals


Friday, October 12, 2007

Moonlight and Stars from my Window - Click Egg

Tee of Bhaatukli came out with Sunshine in my Kitchen for this Click - Eggs event. Well... if there is a sun inside the Egg then the Egg itself from outside is a Moon(atleast in some compressed angles). This worked out well with my background.
Soooooo......... Presenting the Egg in the form of Moon, accompanied by the twinkling stars. A perfect romantic site for Eggs-ample.

The Half Moon .....I mean the half of an Egg
The Full Moon........again the whole Egg
A cluster of Eggs:
Thanks for Bee & Jai for creating this event, Click it - Theme : Eggs

The story behind my concept goes like this.............

Not having an idea of what to click, I just took an egg and placed it on a chair covered with my black overall which I wanted to use as a background, to bring out the white color of the egg in a black background. Then I noticed that the picture looked as if there was a moon on clear sky, E31so I quickly took advantage of my background which had these tiny silver shining bits on it, which absolutely looked like the stars in the sky from far away. Therefore the click for the Moonlight with the stars has been captured.Click-Egg2And using my camera I was able to give the star dust effect. Click-Egg
I was all delighted by my discovery, as my hubby was making fun of me, watching me as I was managing to grasp a picture of the egg while seeing that my toddlers don't pick it up. But I couldn't be successfull in that, as my second one Joel managed to run away with one of the eggs and when my hubby asked to return it he just threw it at him expecting him to catch it like the cricket ball and down it went on the floor. We managed to pick up the broken egg DSC00842before the inside come out and off it went onto the pan for a quick bullseye, and joel was happy to finish it.

So this the story behind my Click - Theme "Eggs"

Though I had some pictures of the dishes of cooked eggs in different forms, I thought I'll go eggs-tra with the eggs-tra-ordinary Eggs. I use this oppurtunity to bring out the different features of some photo editing Softwares starting from MSPhotoEditor, Paintshop, Live Writer, Photoshop,Piscasa, Imageready, etc...

The happy thing about this event is that, we don't have to cook or write a recipe. I really enjoyed every moment of this the event, starting from the purchase. Usually I buy 18 pack carton from Costco, but with this event going on I had to get the Eggs-tra dozen. A tray of 2-1/2 dozens.

Potraying My tray of Egg-celent Eggs, with the click of my hardware : Sony Cybershot, 7.2 Mp Super Steady shot DSW80 camera.

Blur the peripheral of the focus point

Monochrome image Effect
The Fish Eye effect

The Clicks edited with the one of the imaging softwares I use.

The glow

The Saturation
The Tint
The Warmth
The B&W pic

My version of Brown eggs

And now for the dishes of Cooked Eggs...whose recipes I shall publish later. (yea, again as I said this is the beautly of this event - no recipe writing)

Egg in Onion and Tomatoe Roast with white background

Same dish different picture effect

Egg in Eggplant - regular image

Masala Egg Scramble with monochrome effect.

Hope you enjoyed my Eggs-pressions of Egg-centric Egg-Mania.