Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mango Pudding with Lime Jello Topping

I can write pages with my experiences with this King of Fruits - "Mango" . Like any other Indian I too love this fruit to pieces. In my childhood days there are very few days in summer where we won't enjoy this fruit atleast once day, after a meal. In fact I and my two brothers would threaten my Grand mother that we would starve that meal if we don't get mangoes. The moment we see our Grand mother coming from the market place we search the basket for mangoes. Usually she places them on top in her basket. And our faces would lit up with joy when we see the basket containing mangoes. I must admit i enjoyed the feast of mangoes in my childhood days.

In India summer is distinctly flavoured by the sweet aroma of this fruit. Most of the streets are filled with the vendors selling heaps of mangoes. The fruit markets are decorated with this yellow fruit spread. All these have now just become memories to me.

After migrating to North America, I hardly ever eat this fruit. Though we get some versions of mangoes in Asian, Indian and Tamil stores here too, I feel they can't come near that good old taste. I feel bad that I may not enjoy this fruit fresh ever any more. Because except for a must business trip, we will definitely try to avoid visiting India in summer as kids are still very small now to take the summer heat. More over with the global warming at its best than ever, we keep hearing stories of hot sun in India whenever we chat with family and relatives back home. So one thing I will still miss though I visit India is my mangoes, cause I'm sure we will be visiting in winter time only, where there is no crop of mangoes.

DSC04704 So to overcome my taste buds craving for this fruit, I try to use the mango pulp which is imported from India, to make desserts, shakes etc...One such delicacy is this Mango Pudding. Very very easy to prepare and boy it takes me back to those days of fun filled mangoes.

Since i was assigned to bring dessert for the Pot Luck dinner for Father's day celebration last month at TCFC(Telugu Christian Fellowship of Canada) where some of the Telugu Christian families in Toronto, gather once or twice a month to worship God in our own ethnic language. I thought the easiest and best would be this Mango pudding since its summer and as I already mentioned Summer reminds us of Mangoes.
In our family all our b'days fall around some famous celebrations...My first son Josh's b'day around Mother's the same month mine around Victoria day celebrated in Canada with a long weekend and my second son's b'day very close to Christmas day.

Lastly my husband's b'day being around Father's day..this mango pudding was a perfect treat as a b'day special dessert.

1 Tin - Mango Pulp
1 Milk Cream Medium
1/2 Cup Sugar
2 Packets Gelatin

For Topping :
1 Packet Lime Jello

Mix Mango pulp, Sugar and Cream together.
To this add the gelatin mixture prepared following the instructions on the Gelatin box. (Which is usually - mixing the gelatin powder to 1/2 cup of cold water and adding it to 1/2 cup of boiled water.)
Allow the Mango, Cream, Sugar and Gelatin mixture to set in the desired container in the fridge for about 3 hours.
Mean while prepare jello with the instructions on the Jello box..(Boil 2 cups of water and add the jello powder to it, let cool)
Keep aside.
Once the Mango pudding is set pour the jello on it and again refrigerate for 1 hour or until the jello sets.
Serve cold.

This is my entry for Meeta's Monthly Mingle - Mango Mania

and for the other food blog dessert event - Cool Desserts hosted by Paajaka Recipes


Cynthia said...

Ouuuu, this looks good Rina.

easycrafts said...


Sig said...

Love the green-yellow color combination Rina! Belated birthday greetings to your husband!

Seema said...

Love the colour combination of green & yellow! Looks perfect!

Shreya said...

What lovely colours. Very inviting... I am sure your husband must have had a great birthday with that to start with:-)

notyet100 said...

looks yummy,..first time here...ur blog is awesomewith so mny yummy recipes

Rina said...

Thanks for dropping all...enjoy summer with mango flavour.


that looks very tempting reena

Priti said...

Enjoyed reading your post and the pudding looks so delicious...nice colours

Rina said...

Thanks vegie platter and priti..

dandelion said...

I have never heard of mango pudding. I am sooo looking forward to trying your dessert. Just out of curiosity what other dishes did the guests at your church gathing bring? THX :)

Rina said...

Thanks dandelion....I'm sure u'll enjoy trying this...The gathering at the church was an ethnic we had most of our south Indian spicy dishes.

Sanghi said...

Wow.. delicious!

Taste of Beirut said...

What a cheerful-looking dessert! I love mangoes too! In Lebanon the best ones come from Egypt.