Monday, September 14, 2009

Chutney with Ridge Gourd Skin/Beerapottu pachadi

BR2 As I shared in my last post, ridge gourd is one vegetable which can be used both in and out. A Delicious curry with the body and yet another yummy spicy chutney with the skin.

B12 Growing up this was one of my favourite chutney/pachadi..My granny knew how much i cherished this chutney , so she use to preserve the skin and make the chutney for enjoy it with plain hot rice and ghee/oil and the best accompaniment for this is a piece of raw onion. A first serve of rice will be done in a jiffy..

BP1 Ingredients :
Skin of 2 or 3 Ridge gourds /Beerapottu (cut into small pieces)
1 tbsp - oil
1 tbsp - Channa dhal
1 tbsp - Urad dhal
1 tsp - Cumin seeds
1 tsp - Coriander seeds
3-5 - Red chillies
4 -5 Garlic pods
Tamarind - A big marble size soaked in little water to soften.
Salt to taste
Water enough to grind into chutney.

Procedure :
Stir Fry the ridge gourd pieces in oil for 2 - 3 mins and keep aside.
BP2 In the same vessel, now fry the all the remaining dry ingredients.
Remove from heat and let cool. BPT1 Once the fried ingredients are cooled grind them to a coarse powder.
Now add the ridge gourd skin, soaked tamarind, salt and enough water and grind thoroughly till all the ingredients mix well and chutney is almost smooth.
BPC2 Adjust salt.
Serve with either plain rice or have it as a side for rice with sambar.


mona said...

Sounds great! never tasted it.

Happy cook said...

I would have nevr thought we could make chutney like this. Looks yumm.

Rina said...

Mona and happy, thanx..Try it out if you are ever use this ridge gourd in ur menu..It tastes good.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new chutney.

Jean said...

Hi kids love peanut chutney, do I use the same recipe and just grounded peanut into it? Thanks. Jean

Rina said...

@Cynthia : Thanx..

@Jean : Thanx for visiting..Peanut chutney is much easier..please wait..I will post peanut chutney ASAP.

Sanghi said...

Love your blog and dishes rina! First time here, will follow..! Do check my blog..!:)

kitchen queen said...

You have a very nice blog with good recipes. you can visit my blog view my recipes and give ur comments.

my kitchen said...

My MIL will also prepare the same one,goes well with white rice,Idly & dosa