Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tandoori Finger Fish w/ Basa Fish Fillets

AKA Fish Pakoda

BFFF1 And finally 'Toronto' got its first heavy snow this week, after a record break of snow free November after 162 years. With festive season going in full zoom and the stage set for a perfect winter wonderland, its time to enjoy hot spicy finger food like Basa Tandoori finger fish/Pakoda.

The first time I got to taste this finger fish was from a Indian/Pakistani takeout 2 years ago. I and hubby were completely taken by the taste of it. Moreover my husband is a huge seafood fan. Again no misconceptions here..our seafood menu is very selective and confined only to cooked fish, shrimp/prawn and occasionally crabs. So fish being the main Seafood that we look forward to enjoy..I use to takeout this finger fish whenever I visited this takeout place and also found out from them that they were using Basa fish fillets to make this Tandoori fish pakoda. Then one day I was happy to find raw Basa fish fillet in the Asian grocery store's frozen food section. I took no time to grab one packet of that frozen Basa fish and the thought occured to me "why don't I try the Restaurant style Finger fish at home". I have this habit of trying out restaurant food at home. So I reproduced the takeout/restaurant style at home and it didn't disappoint me. Ever since I started making this at home instead of takeout. Though I made this finger fish a few times, never got a chance to click it. This time since I made and parcelled it to one of my my friend who is expecting, I tried to present it the same way as they do in the take out and clicked the same.

BFFF2 This fish fry makes a good starter dish and is apt to accompany the finger food trays.

So here is my recipe for Tandoori Basa Finger Fish :
Ingredients :
Two Basa fish fillets, cut into thin long strips about a finger length.
Oil for frying.
Corn flour/Channa flour - 2 Tbsp
ginger/garlic paste - 1 tsp
Chilly powder - 1tsp
Fish Masala - 2 tsp (I use Shan Fish masala)
Lemon pepper - 1/2 tsp
Tandoori Masala - 1 tsp
Salt to taste.
Garnish :
Onion rings
Lemon wedges
Coriander leaves chopped

Method :
In a mixing bowl add all the marination items with enough water to make a paste.
Marinated the fish strips with the above marination for 1 - 3 hrs
Now either deep fry or pan fry the fish pieces with enough oil.
Garnish with onion rings, cilantro and a dash of lime.



my kitchen said...

Wow Tempting & colorful dish,loves to taste

Nandini said...

Wow! Those fish fingers are terrific and tender and juicy and crispy and mmmmmm....! Plz let me have some from the screen!

Happy cook said...

Wow they look absloutley so so delicous. I can imagine just squeezing lime on top and enjoying the whole pleate.
I kno i know i am greedy :-)

Malar Gandhi said...

Rina, Tandoored finger fish sounds so unique...I always like ur non-veg preparation so doubt about it.:)

Guess, you must be really busy...with Festival season around.:)

b/n...I am hosting an event for the first time in my blog. All about 'Kitchen Mishaps'. Please take a look, dear.

Hmmm just for fun chose a diff' theme. I know that you are a pretty good cook and a talented writer...please try to participate and contribute your work. I appreciate it.

Sumathikarthikeyan said...

Hi Rina, Tandoori Finger fish is looking very tempting & very good & clear click.

Do visit my blog in your free time.

Sig said...

Love such easy tasty dishes, will make a great party starter. Wish you and family a wonderful Christmas Rina!

Rina said...

@ My Kitchen, Nandini, Happy cook - thanks

@ Malar - Thanks and sure I'll try to participate

@ Suma, thanks for visiting

@ Sig, thanks for ur wishes

Malar Gandhi said...

I hear that often these days...too snowey this time of the season'...after 162 years!!! Climate changed its course??!!

Fish bajji/tandoored fish looks awesome, good to dig in...while still steaming hot:)

Rina said...

Yes Malar, we r in the era of global warming..scary!!!!

Ann said...

Hi Rina, do you know the common/english name for Basa fish? I have not heard of this type of fish fillets? I would like to try this. my pakistani co-worker makes something similar with Tilapia fillets and brought it into work one day. We tried it and it was really good.

Roshni said...

Thanks for sharing this excellent recipe. I was looking to imitate the Pakistani restaurant style when I stumbled upon your website. Everyone loved it. Definitely a keeper!

Rina said...

Thanx Roshni..glad u enjoyed it..

Ann, the most common for these fish fillets is basa itself..they are readily availble in most of the grocery stores in the frozen section.

anita said...

hey Rina, i'm a new fan of urs dear. mouth watering recipes. keep up the good work.... and ofcourse a gr8 thanks to u...

- Ani

anita said...

Hey Rina,
i'm ur new fan dear. Ur recipes r mouth watering while going through 'em. gonna start trying from 2day.


Rina said...

Thanx hope you enjoy!!!