Friday, April 30, 2010

Saucy Meat Balls

mb2 And finally it was "Chennai Super Kings" that made it for this IPL season 3. Somehow I missed the first two seasons of IPL..but this time absolutely enjoyed watching them and all the more overjoyed to see "CSK" make it to the finals and become the winning champions..Each time CSK took a wicket in the final match against "MI" I was so thrilled, as I was cheering Captain Dhoni's team. Wish NDTV aired more of the winning moments of the CSK rather than showing the Lalit Modi IPL controversy.

For those who are not familiar with is a short write up..

IPL(Indian Premium League) cricket is a very famous cricket tournament going on for 3 years in India..where there are 8 teams representing 8 different states from India and also owned by VVIPs in which each team has players from all over the world..and instead of playing for the usual 50 overs, the game is played only for 20 overs for each side and finished in 3 know more please click here. the IPL fever fades off..its the ICC T20 fever raising up now..Hope our Captain Dhoni's team does well in SA too.

Watching the various players from all over the world play in unity as one team in phrase would flash my mind "International Integration".

So much so as we who migrated to this western world, try to integrate our traditional home cooking with flavour of this make some difference and have some spice, trying a twist like these meat balls in a variety of sauces gives color to our platter.

This is one quick and easy method to have a treat of meatballs with no effort.

mb3 Ingredients:
1/4 Pkt( around 20) frozen Meat Balls (Italian flavour)
1 Tsp Olive oil or use PAM
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
A sprinkle of Pepper powder
Salt to taste
1 tsp Worcester sauce
1 tsp Teriyaki sauce
1 tsp Soya sauce
1 tsp Oyster sauce
3 tsp Tomato sauce
Garnish :
Coriander finely chopped

Procedure :
In a wok heat 1 Tsp of oil and add ginger garlic paste.
Saute' for a minute then add the meat balls and saute for 2 minutes.
Add salt.
Add all the sauces and give it a nice mix to evenly coat the balls with the sauces.
Saute more till the raw smell of the sauces is gone and the meat balls absorb the sauces.
Remove from heat and garnish with coriander
Serve with fried rice or salads.



Happy Cook said...

I hav eno idea what you are talking about i am sure it is sports, never been intrested in watching sports in TV. I never could understand when my 2 sisters got up ealy morning to watch cricket when we were at home.
Now to the recipe, i am sure gonna make this recipe soon. Looks so delish. We don't get frozen italian meat balls so i will make balls myself with mince meat and add some italian herbs.

Rina said...

Happy its the IPL(Indian Premium League) cricket I'm talking about..It is a very famous cricket tournament going on from 3 years in India..where there are 8 teams representing 8 different states from India in which each team has players from all over the world..

Malar Gandhi said...

Oh wow, thats a splendid meatballs I have ever seen, looks great, loved ur presentation.:)

Rina said...

Thanks Malar