Friday, August 6, 2010

Koduva meen kuzhambu/Sea Bass Fish Stew

DSC05007 This is one simple and easy to make fish course again grandma's style. I was so impressed by this fresh Koduva(Sea Bass)fish on my visit to the supermarket, that I immediately picked it up a thick steak, got it cut into lumpy cubes and returned home and made this super gravy in no time. Koduva or Sea bass is one among the top fish varieties besides Vanjiram(King fish), Viraal(Murrel, Vavval(Pomfret), Sura(baby Shark), Sankara(Red Snipper), Mathi(Sardines) Nathili(Anchovies)that we get in South India. Luckily in Toronto we are able to get all of them except Viraal meen. I did post some of these fish gravies already. Hope to post rest of them in the future.

These fish cubes reminded me of my trip to the fish market with my granny in childhood days. Granny use to have a regular fish vendor lady..who use to keep the best king fish steak for her. She would cut it into symmetrical cubes once we purchased it. Then after coming home I use to watch granny wash these fish cubes by adding rock salt, then rinse it with water and then add cut onions, green chillies,curry leaves home made red chilly powder, salt, oil, tangy tamarind juice and mix it..then she use to give me some of that raw juice to taste..and trust me this juice was good in itself even before it boiled and became fish gravy. The washing of the fish in rock salt and adding all those masalas would really take off the raw fishy smell. And now it just takes another 10-15 minutes for the gravy to be ready to enjoy with hot rice. I missed these childhood precious moments when I was making gravy with these fish cubes. Though I used koduva(Tamil) fish, but it so much resembled king fish gravy that grandma made..Luv you granny!!!

DSC05005 Ingredients:
2 lbs Koduva/Sea Bass fish cubes
1 Tbsp - Rock Salt
1 Tbsp - oil
1 Medium - Onion sliced
4 Green Chillies
10 Curry leaves
2 tsp - Homemade Red Chilly powder
Soak Lemon size Tamarind/Puli/Chintapandu ball in 2 cups hot water
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves - a small bunch

DSC05004 Procedure:
Place the fish cubes in deep pot/saucepan, add rock salt and whisk fish with fingers to melt salt.
This procedure cleans the fish and takes off the raw smell.
Add water and wash the fish cubes and drain.
Now combine fish with green chillies, onions, curry leaves, red chilly powder, salt, oil and mix thoroughly with fingers not breaking the cubes.
Now squeeze the Tamarind/Puli juice from the soaked tamarind & water into this mixture.
Now mix this well and bring it boil,DSC04984 Once the gravy seems to attain a good consistency add the coriander leaves and remove from heat.
Serve with hot rice, dosas or idlies.



PranisKitchen said...

thats avery delicious and mouthwatering fish dish looks so colorful n yummy

Anita said...

Wow, I have to agree. Looks so flavourful and like it would taste great with a nice white wine or sweet chai!

Tia said...

I love fish. I'm gonna make this very soon