Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gajar Peda / Carrot Fudge - Step by Step

Somehow couldn't push myself to post in the last two weeks. It has been a roller coaster ride of events, some good and some not so. My childhood best friend made a surprise visit to Toronto from California, during her east coast vacation. It was such a treat meeting her after more than decade making old memories come afresh.

Coming to the present, it seems Christmas just went and now Good Friday is already gone and Easter in a day..It is true that in a Christian's life all these three events must have tremendous meaning every single day..but I'm thankful that we observe them outwardly also to proclaim and to seal the truth of Jesus Christ coming into this world. Especially the message of Good Friday helps me to revive, re-commit and re-dedicate myself to follow our Lord to re-fill the gratitude in me for what He has done and Easter re-assures us the power of salvation with the Resurrection of our Lord. Thinking about Easter also makes me so nostalgic about the childhood days when my family used to attend the early morning 4.30 worship service and yes those Easter Saturdays where special too. Preparing for Easter Sunday, threadling the fresh jasmine flowers into garlands to decorate our braids, new set of clothes, waking up at 3.00am midnight to get ready to go church and checking into some star hotel restaurant for after service breakfast with family. Amma, Nanagaru thanks for giving me those precious moments which I will always treasure down the lane. Happy Easter to you and to all our family.

So, celebrating the occassion with a sweet treat. I know, I know, I said I will post more vegan recipes this month, but since i didn't publish last two weeks, guess will have to do a pattern now. Recently one of our friend from our building send some home made Carrot halwa for us. It tasted so good that I was inspired me to try my own. I went a step ahead to make Carrot Fudge/kova or Gajar Peda by adding dry milk or khoya to the regular gajar halwa and making pedas from it which really helps in portion control too. You can freshly prepare khoya from scratch or use store bought or like me use the instant mix.
Ingredients :
1 lb carrots
5 tbsp ghee
1 cup sugar
1 can Evaporated milk
1 pkt Carrot halwa Khoya mix
Nuts of choice.
Here is the step by step making of it:
Shred 1 lb carrots around 3 big ones.
Heat 1 Tbsp of Ghee to a wide pan and then roast the crated carrots for a minute or two.
Now add 1 cup of sugar and cook till the sugar is dissolved into the carrots.
Add 1 can evaporated milk and cook till it is fully absorbed into the carrot mixture.
Once the milk is evaporated, add 2 tbsp of ghee and choice of cashew or pista a handful.
Cook till the mixture leaves ghee.
At this stage carrot halwa is ready, if you want to continue to carrot kova add the sweetened dry milk powder or khoya.
I used the instant khoya mix. Here is how it looks after adding and mixing it thoroughly.
After the khoya mix is totally incorporated into the halwa, add another tbsp of ghee mix and transfer to a greased bowl.

Now grease hand with ghee and take small lemon size balls and press them into pedas and decorate with almond in the middle.


Nandini said...

Lovely sweet! Like the orange colour especially! Happy Easter!

Rina said...

Thanks Nandini..

hemalata said...

So healthy and delicious sweet,nice presentation.Wish u happy Easter.

Rina said...

Thanx Hema..tried to send u a message but it is always saying wrong code entered though i enter it right..

Luv our Andhra specials..R u on Face book..if so i would luv to be ur friend..its easier to follow on would be gr8 to connect w/ another vizagite..U can check for my FB profile with.."Esther Warina"

SpicyTasty said...

Lovely, colorful pedas.

Rina said...

Thanks SpicyTasty!!!