Friday, September 7, 2007

Peanut Punch/Peanut Butter Milk shake



I made this punch, on Sunday as my kids and DH were waiting for brunch. Thought this would my entry for the Liquid Dreams food blog event too, which I came to know only Friday that the deadline is Monday, Sept 10th.

Although everything was ready to for this recipe to be posted it appeared as if I could never meet the deadline. Suddenly we had a medical emergency with our second son, Joel on Sunday night. So almost the whole night we were in the Hospital emergency, and thank God, everything is normal now with him.

Finally I could post this on Monday night.


I had this Peanut butter milkshake from one of our friend's from Trinidad. I guess she is in New York now visiting her daughter. It was very tasty that I got the recipe of this protein drink from her at once.

This can even replace a breakfast. My kids enjoy it a lot. Especially my elder son. I had to make it for the second time that day by demand.

Caution: Please check for peanut allergy for Kids/Adults, cause this is not a peanut free zone.

2 Tbsp Peanut Butter Smooth
2 Cups Milk of your choice(fat free or 1-3%)
2 Tsbp Evapurated Milk
1 Tsp Condensed Milk
2 Tbsp Sugar
4 Ice Cubes

Garnish : Your choice of fruit


Procedure :
This is as simple as can be.

In a blendor add all the ingredients.

See that there is no Peanut butter sticking to blendor seperately.

Blend them for a minute or so two times.

Pour into a serving glass and garnish with fruit.

This is my entry for Liquid Dreams, Montlhy Mingle Theme - Drinks hosted by Meeta




Meeta said...

Sounds extremely unique - never quite had a peanut butter milkshake yet!

Rina said...

Meeta, If you're not allergetic to Peanuts, try it...... tastes good.

Cynthia said...

Rina, it is a pleasure to discover your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. You have made a real Caribbean beverage here :) peanut punch is noted in these parts. I have not had one in ages and what you do you know, on my first visit to your blog, I have a recipe to bookmark! :) I'll definitely try making some peanut punch next weekend.

Please come back and visit whenever you can.

And welcome to the wonderful world of food blogging!

Rina said...

Yes Cynthia, I have some real close Caribbean friends here. Should be bloging more caribbean food in the near future. Thanks for visiting. Sure your blog is bookmarked too.

Happy cook said...

It looks really delicious.
Glad to hear that your son is well.

TBC said...

I've tried this & love it. I also add a few slices of banana to it.
Beautiful pics!

Rina said...

Thanks for visiting TBC. I'll note down to add some banana peices next time.

dcgenius137 said...

I tried it with only ice cream, peanut butter, milk, and sugar. came out tasting nice!