Friday, September 21, 2007

Pineapple Kesari Bath

Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. I just luv the smell of it. Though I like it so much, I eat very less of the plain fruit, be it in Fruit salads, Faloodas etc. Some how it always spoils my thraught, if I don't stop with 1 slice of it. But I relish it most in the form of Juice. Again juices have so many grams of sugar in them. So have to limit them too. Still to satisfy my longing for this fruit I try to add plenty of it in the home baked frozen pizzas, or sweet and sour chicken etc.
One such preparation in which pineapple doesn't hurt my thraught is the Pineapple Kesari. I normally like any type of kesari. But Pineapple rawa kesari is my fav. Though kesari is quiet famous dessert in all over India, especially in South India. I really enjoy the Pineapple kesari Bath in one of the restaurant's in Bangalore, Karnataka. I guess this is one of the specialties of the Karanataka cuisine. When I saw the RCI - event for this month was Karanataka Cuisine, I decided to publish this post. I know most of our blogs have the Kesari recipe already. But here is my version of Pineapple kesari Bath.(PKB)

When ever I used to visit Bangalore on a business trip I would have this as a dessert after my breakfast in this restaurant. I don't even remember the name of that restaurant now. The thing is, I like it so much in this particular restaurant, that I would travel any distance to come to this restaurant for breakfast just to have this PKB( Cause this dessert was available in the menu only for Breakfast) . They never used to add any color to it. And they used a very fine quality of Rava(Semolina). And off course the generous amount of ghee would make all the difference. Though it was a very rich dessert, the quantity served was little. So that would compensate the calorie content. Again all desserts are rich in calories, so we have to really limit the quantity we consume.

People follow many different ways in making Kesari. Some add milk instead of water, some add both in different ratios, some boil the sugar in water till it gets the syrup texture, some add little ghee, and some add plenty of it. Same with the amount of sugar too. I think depending on what we want as an end result the quantities can be adjusted. I tried to make a balance here.

1 cup Rawa/Semolina/Suji
3/4 - 1 cup sugar
1/2-3/4 cup Ghee or butter
(Again these three main ingredients can go in the ratio of 1:1:1 for best results, I try to reduce the sugar and ghee for Calories and fat sakes)
2 cups Water, or 1 cup each of milk and water
1 - 1&1/2 cup Canned Pineapple Cubes with juice from the can.
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
A pinch of salt
1/8 tsp of kesari food color dissolved in 2 Tbsps of water or milk(optional)
1/4 cup cashew and raisins in fried in ghee


In a kadai fry the rawa with 1 - 2 tsp of ghee until you smell the fried rawa's aroma and all the rawa is well coated with the ghee, slightly turning brown.
Empty into a plate and keep aside.
Add the sugar, water, pineapple pieces with juice, cardamom powder, salt along with 1 tsp of ghee and bring it to boil on a high flame
I boil till the sugar water has a mild syrupy texture.
Add the Kesar color dissolved in water
Now simmer and slide the fried rawa little by little into the boiling Sugar syrup water taking care that no lumps of rawa are formed.
Stir thoroughly while adding simultaneously half of the fried nuts and raisins and half of the remaining ghee.
Allow to cook for 3-5 minutes till all the water is absorbed and the rawa is fully cooked.
Now add rest of the ghee and mix well to infuse the ghee thru the rawa kesari. Remove from heat and let it cool from hot to warm.
Serve and garnish with the remaining fried cashew and raisins.

This is my entry for the RCI - Karanataka Cuisine hosted by Asha of foodie's Hope


Happy cook said...

Wow what a colour. I love pineapple. So can imagine how much i will enjoy this dessert.
With the garnish on top it looks super

Rina said...

Thanks Happy, enjoy the kesari

Nimisha said...

Even I love pineapple ,and the dish is looking great I will definitely going to try this .

Rina said...

Thanks for visiting nimi, Hope you like the you like the kesari bath when you try it.

Sreelu said...

pineapple kesari,though I never used to like it in b'lore I miss it look very good.
Also I don't seem to get your update feeds, make sure you have feedburner enabled

Apple said...

Thanks for dropping by Rina..Pineapple halwa looks colorful..Nice entry

Rina said...

Sri.. I used to cherish the PKB in B'lore the most, though we use to get in madras. Also, I enabled the feed burner long time ago and sent the url to FBD. I think they are working on updating new bloggers still.

Seena said...

thanks for visiting my blog..Your blog looks so lovely..Loved the pictures, recipes here..See you again..

Vcuisine said...

Thanks for visiting Rina. Nice to know about you. Staying in Toronto? Most likely we will meet soon :) Pineapple kesair is inviting. Lovely blog you have. will keep visiting. Have a good day. Viji

bindiya said...

hey rina,
thx for dropping by, both your recipes with pineapple and peanut punch are sooo unusual!

Saju said...

Yum Rina, that looks so good. I want to gobble it up

Rina said...

Thanks Seena & Saju.

Rina said...

Viji, you live in Toronto too. Should get in touch soon.

Rina said...

Bindya, Pineapple Kesari is very usual in India, especially south. thanks for visiting.

Asha said...

Thank you Rina,I just checked your mail.Beautiful entry. I will add you to my blogroll!:))

Rina said...

Thanks again asha for hosting the RCI

Nags said...

what a nice color your dish has. and its a unique entry for RCI

thanks for dropping by my blog, Rina :)

Cynthia said...

Ummmmm, I love pineapple. I'm sure that I'd enjoy a slice of your Kesari Bath.

Rina said...

Thanks for visiting Cynthia

Sharmi said...

hey I have made the same thing for RCI:) but color differs. looks good.

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

Hi Rina, first time!!!..excellent colour..the dessert lukss soo inviting...a definite try!!..and your previous post snaps are also soo colourful!!!

Padma said...

Thats fabulously delicious kesari bath, I heard of it but never tried. I am sure it tasted wonderful.

Hay Rina, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving heartwarming comments. You too have a great space here,

Rina said...

Sharmi, thanks for dropping by. I should check your version.

Kitchen scientist, Thanks for your comments.

Padma, try it, I'm sure you will like it. Thanks for visiting.

TBC said...

That looks fab,Rina!
I have my version of PKB on my blog if you wanted to just take a look.
I love pineapple and try using it wherever possible:-)

Rina said...

Thanks TBC, I've checked your version. Its simple and pretty too

Mansi Desai said...

Beautiful! I have tastee rava kesari before, but not this one..sounds good:)

Shivani Thanalapati said...

Hi, this is an awsome recipe, just tried it , it has come out wonderfull. Though this is one of my first experiences in cooking, the instructions were very precisely worded and made it easy for the person following it. Thanks alot....

noopur said...

I love pineapple too much and this is the good recepie.
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