Friday, October 17, 2008

Breakfast Special - Peameal Bacon with Yam fries Combo

PMB2 I think I would have already mentioned in my blog that I'm not a restaurant freak. But I would like to imitate those foods served at the restaurants. For those of who go for a traditional weekend breakfast in a Restaurant " Toast+Eggs+Bacon+Home fries+Orange" is not new. Often times I too make the same breakfast combo at home either with "sunny side up" or scrambled eggs.

But there are times when I want a little twist from the regular menu combo. This is definitely healthier than the regular version. The fatty Bacon is replaced by Peameal Bacon which has very less fat, the bland Egg scramble replaced by Indian style spicy egg scramble with onions,green chillies and herbs(Recipe will be published in my upcoming posts) and at last replacing the carby potato home fries with Yam fries rich in fibre which I'm going to blog today. And don't forget to replace the oranges with Grape fruit, which is really good for people on diet.

This post is more of the concept than writing recipe.

Ingredients & Method of preparation:
For Yam Fries:
1 - Big size Yam(approx 1 lb)
2 Tbsp - Vegetable Oil/Olive oil/Pam for frying
1/2 tsp - Red chilly Powder or Kashmiri chilly powder.
Salt to taste

Optional:(if u want to spice it up more to a desi taste)
1/4 tsp Garam masala
1/4 tsp Chat Masala
1/8 tsp Amchur powder
1 tsp Kasturi methi

Finely chopped coriander leaves

Peel skin and cut Yam into small cubes.
Heat up a wide heavy bottom frying pan, allow oil to become hot on medium high heat and then add the yam pieces and salt and fry till done, regularly stirring to see that they don't stick to the bottom of the pan.
When almost done add chilly powder and other optional masalas if desired.
Stir nicely to coat the yam pieces with all the seasonings.
Sprinkle with finely chopped coriander and remove from heat.

For Eggs:
I just made an sunny side up and broke the yoke so that the yellow can flow on the white (That's the way i like)and seasoned it with salt and black pepper or red chilly powder.

For Toast:
Apply butter or margarine or desi ghee on both sides of the whole wheat bread slices and pan toast them.

For Peameal Bacon:
I've never heard of this back home. But here in Canada from the time I've tasted this I really like it a lot. Most of the Grocery stores carry this. Look for the package with Yellow edges of cornmeal around the meat slices in the frozen cured/processed food section.

To know more about this Peameal bacon please click here here here and here

The method to cook this is very simple. Defrost a few slices and pan roast them till done. More receipes can be found here too

Now serve all the items in a plate and garnish with a thick slice of Grape Fruit.

This is more of a brunch than breakfast cause its so full and complete with a hot cup of French Vanilla coffee or a cup of Orange Tea. So we can skip lunch and straight head to early dinner. A typical saturday life style for me.



Sig said...

pea meal bacon? Never heard of it, is that a vegetarian bacon? Does it taste anything like the real one? :)

Rina said...

Hey Sig...Yes of course its a real meaty thing. There is no vegetarian here. Thanks for your question?

I have updated my post with more info on peameal bacon. It is a must try. I guess its more a canadian thing. SO do try it when you visit Vancouver or Toronto next time.

Sig said...

Hey Rina, thanks for clarifying... I guess this is what they sell here as Canadian bacon... :)