Friday, July 27, 2007

Lemon Talapia


I've never seen or tasted this fish back home. But in North America almost every grocery store carries it. In the beginning my hubby encouraged me to get it so that we can try it out. Not knowing in which form I'm going to cook it I just bought it, and dared to explore the this fish in my ways, slice it and fry, make gravy etc. Then I recollected that I have eaten this fish in one of our dear Chinese friend's home on time and in our dear dear Trinadad friend's home the other time. Both of them Baked this fish as whole.

So I deceided to Bake it marinating it with my Indian Masalas and Lemon slices. Uuuuhh!!! that was a real treat.


Most of the time baked fish becomes very dry. But in this recipe the juices from the lemon keep the fish moist. And the lemon tarty flavour really compliments this mild fish.


Talapia Fish - 1 whole ( Cleaned and open in the tummy, with some lateral slits on both sides to apply the marination)
Lemon - 1 whole (Cut into thin Slices)

Lemon Pepper - 1 tsp
Fish Masala - 2 tsp ( I use Shan Brand Fish Masala)
Red Chilly powder - 1/2 tsp (for Extra Hot- optional)
Ginger Garlic Paste - 3/4 tsp
Salt - to Taste
Oil - 1/2 tbp

Baking :

Line the foil on a tray and apply magarine;
oil to brush the fish while baking.


Procedure :
Preheat the oven to 350 C .
1. Mix all the marination items with enough water to make a thick paste
2. Apply the marination on all sides and inside the tummy of the fish.
3. See that the marination penetrates into the slits cut.
4. Place the fish on the foil tray.
5. Insert some lemon slices into the tummy slit and in the mouth of the fish.
6. Place a slice at the bottom and the top of the fish.
7. Bake the fish for almost 20 - 25 minutes, brush the fish 2 - 3 times with oil in between to keep it moist.

This fish is right portion for a couple. Since it is spicy I don't think kids can handle it. So it will make the right dish for that candle light dinner for a couple, accompanied by Ceasar Salad.


Pravs said...

Fish looks so yummy ! very nice pics. Thanks for coming by Rina.

Malar Gandhi said...

Hi Rina, love this lemon tilapia of yours, its wonderfully done, looks pretty.

Divya Vikram said...

MAde this fish. Came out really good!

Rina said...

Thanks dear all..