Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flat Beans/Averai Kai/Chikkudu kai/Papdi Sabzi

CV2 (2)This Vegie which is called Flat beans(English), Averai kai(Tamil), Chikkudu kai(Telugu) and Papdi(Hindi) falls into the list of my favourites.
This is one vegie I used to get scare to clean, cause back home these beans used to have worms inside them. So My GM used to tear open each bean and peep inside to see if any worms are housing there and discard them. Others she use to gently removed the hard fibre and brake them into small peices with fingers.

My GM used to cook it with tomatoes, and my mom used to make this version.
CV1 Available in most of the Indian and Asian groceries fresh or frozen,this is another nutritional vegie.

1 lb flat beans, (Cleaned with centre fibre removed and broken into small peices if fresh or use the frozen ones which are already done)
1 tbp oil
1/4 tsp Mustard seeds
1/2 tsp Urad dal
1 Onion cut length wise
2 Red Chillies broken into small peices
1/2 tsp Red chilly powder
1/8 tsp Turmeric
A few curry leaves
Coriander to garnish
Salt to taste
If interested add 1/2 tsp of Kasthuri methi and 1/8 tsp of Amchur powder for more flavour
CV3 Method:
Heat up oil in kadai/pot. Add the mustard seeds.
After the mustard splutters, add the urad dhall fry a little.
Then add the red chillies saute, and add the onions, curry leaves and fry them till onions are translucent.
Add the turmeric powder, saute.
Now add the cleaned Papdi/flat beans and required salt, give it a nice mix to coat them well with the seasoning.
Sprinkle some water and cook covered with lid till the beans are cooked mixing them in regular intervals so that the beans won't stick to kadai and get charred.
Once almost cooked , add the chilli powder and kasthuri methi and amchur powder, mix, garnish with coriander leaves and remove from heat.
Serve hot with dal and roti/chapati or Rice and sambar.


Asha said...

OMG! Where did you get Avarekai? It's Kannada word for that too. I haven't eaten this in yrs, 18 to be exact! Looks lovely. I am J of you now!;D
Getting ready for Christmas? Trees are up and lights are lit here already,people can't wait!:)
I will be baking when I come back from break too, just posted my last at FH. Enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...

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Manasi said...

Oh! love flat beans!! WHERE did u get them!!?? subzi looks lovely!!!

Seema said...

Lovely Avarakai curry..

Kribha said...

My mom makes it like you but my hubby prefers green chilli and coconut method. I like both. Looks delicious especially the last one.

Rina said...

Kribha, I add green chillies when I cook this with tomatoes. And yes, we can add grated coconut here just before removing from heat.

Ashaji & Manasi, We get Averai Kai(Flat beans) here in almost all Indian and Asian groceries fresh and frozen.

Blogkut and Seema thanks for visitng.

Rajitha said...

never eaten the avvarakai made his way..looks yummy! is a must try for me next time rina :)

Laavanya said...

I love avarakkai too.. I mostly make kootu or a dry curry with green chillies + coconut + garlic. This looks very good too.

Jyothi said...

Hi Rina! here we are missing flat beans very much. This is my favorite veggie. Very tempting. Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

BTW thanks for dropping at my blog and for your lovely comments. Keep coming dear.

aparna said...

Make it with the coconut and greenchillies, too! :D
I love this with rice and "morekootan" ( a sort of kadhi with coconut).

Rina said...

Rajitha thanks for dropping.

Jyothi, welcome to my blog too.

Lavanya and Aparna, yes Green Chillies+Coconut+Ginger garlic will go good wtih this. My mom use to follow that with the other kind of beans.I shall try this next time. Thanks for your ideas.

Namratha said...

Avarekai is my fav too, and I remember those worms....they used to make me jump and I used to stop peeling the averekai! This is a new way to cook it, will try..

VINI said...

OMG Rina, your dishes have left me hungry. specially your shrimp tamatar curry! got to try ur bihari kabab. Totally impressed by ur picrures.

Grihini said...

oh my god.. Averakayi. We call it the same in our langauge: kannada. Its nice to see that after long time. :)

Lissie said...

beautiful pictures! loved your version of the dish... in Kerala we call it amarakkai.

pl visit my new website

remya said...

tasty n yumm rina...i have amarakkai in my fridge...i make stir fry in this same to have wid rice n sambar....

Suma Gandlur said...

I am surprised as Asha to see fresh avarekaayi.
BTW, (I hope you don't mind)I think chikkudukaya and avarekayi are different. Avarekayi are called anapakaya in Telugu. For my Telugu friends, lauki is aanapakaaya. :)

Suma Gandlur said...

OOPS! Your curry looks delicious.

Rina said...

Suma, thanks for dropping by. Also for your info "Chikkudukaya
" in Telugu and "Averai kai " in Tamil are the same And Annapakaya or lauki is called "Sureikai" in Tamil and not Averaikai. You can check out on google. More over though I'm a telugu my Husband is Tamil, so I think I have some authenticiy here. So I don't know which language "Averai kai" you are talking about?

Seema Bhat said...

I think this is the first timer to your blog or somehow I missed being here. I have just fallen in love with your recipes and pictures. You are doing a great great job buddy. Will keep visiting you often from now on. Chikkudkai sabzi looks so gorgeous all glazed. Beautifully captures shots.

Rina said...

Naramtha, Vini, Grihini, thanks fo r dropping and enjoying this post.

Lissi & Remya, thanks for the Kerala translation of Flat beans. I shall update my blog.

Thanks all again for your wonderfu l support

Happy cook said...

Wow i want to have them. I saw a chapati next to the dish, wanted to rip a piece and take a big scoop of the beans.
Yummm yummm

Rina said...

Seema, welcome to my blog. Thanks for all those valuable words. Your Date muffins are bookmarked too.

Happy, go ahead and have scoop of the averai kai with the chapathi.

sagari said...

rina curry looks delecious and toordhal yummyyyy everyday food

Rina said...

Thanks Sagari, so true about the dal uh!

Shilpa said...

How do u make a simple dish look so gorgeous Rina? I love your pics.
I have never used avrekayi with the outer skin. Will have to try it sometime. Looks very tasty

Rina said...

Thanks Shilpa. Averaikai with the outer skin tastes good too. I will publish my other recipes on Averaikai sometime too.

zlamushka said...

Hi Rina,

beautiful subzi! I like your "pea presentation" it looks cute! Hey I noticed you changed the header a bit, nice, spices are a good sign!