Friday, November 30, 2007

A Simple Toor dal and a Vegan meal

MD2 (2) All my fellow foodies are coming up with so many varieties of cooking with toor dal. Though I know a few, decided to go simple this time, just the Toor dal takda or talimpu. This does'nt even need a recipe writing.

Though simple this goes so good with just the plain rice with papad or pickle or any sidedish or served with chapati and any sabzi.

And more over November being marked as a vegan month by Suganya of tasty palattes thought this platter with Roti, dal and sabzi would serve it right.

So my Toor dal goes to JFI - Toor dhall event hosted by Linda of Out of the Garden

and the thali of vegan meal goes to Vegan Month event hosted by Suganya, of Tasty palettes

CVPC1 For the sabzi recipe check here or click on the bowl.CV2 (2) For roti, just mix and knead the flour of your choice, Whole wheat/ all purpose etc with a little salt and enough water to make a thick dough, keep aside for an hour and then make lemon size balls and flatten them to desired size and pan roast them on both sides with few drops of oil or butter.

Now for the Toor dal:

To cook the dal
2 cups Toor Dal
4 cups Water
4 pods Garlic
3 Green Chillies slit
1/2 Tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp oil
Salt to taste(To add after the dal is cooked)

For Seasoning/Talimpu/Tadka
1 Tbp Oil
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
1/2 tsp Urad dal(optional)
4 Red Chillies broken
1 Small Onion cut length wise
4 Small garlic Pods with skin(Slightly beaten)
A few Curry leaves
A hint of Hing/Asafoetida

Pressure cook dal with all the ingredients to cook the dal.
Mash dal to almost a paste adding required salt once cooked.
In a kadai heat oil and add all the tadka ingredients after the mustard splutters.
Fry a little and then add the cooked dal and mix it thoroughly.
Garnish with Coriander if desired.

Serve hot with Rice or Rotis and Sabzi like down below and enjoy a vegan meal.



Asha said...

Excellent photo and color Rina, great entry. Looks delicious!:))
See you in 2 weeks, hugs.

Happy cook said...

Delicious. I think dal is always a real comfort dish.

Rajitha said...

that is one yummilicious vegan plate :)

Suganya said...

Simple recipes, great taste. Thanks Rina. You took care of my dinner today :D

Laavanya said...

That looks awesome Rina... love the pics (and of course the food in them! :) )

Cynthia said...

I love the way your roti looks. And dhal - I can eat that everyday :)

Seema said...

Great Photo & love the look of your plate! Dhal & Roti anytime!!

Rina said...

Thank you all

Linda said...

Hi Rina, your dal looks wonderful, both on its own and as part of the lovely vegan thali! Rotis look extra gorgeous too :) Thank you so much for contributing this tasty recipe to JFI Toor Dal! :)

curryinkadai said...

Very simple dish!! Your presentation is awesome Rina!!!

Happy cook said...

Rina, when u commented on my masala chai mix u had told u add peper balls, i would like to add them to the mix, but do u add them whole or u crush them?

aparna said...

Dals work everytime, any which way. Real life savers!

Sandeepa said...

Both the dal and the tali looks awesome

Namratha said...

Again I'm gonna say, I love the Subzi!! Toor Dal is so nice and simple, good one Rina

Rina said...

Sandeepa, I think this is your first time here. Welcome.

Happy I just add the whole black pepper balls. I come to your blog and post this there too.

Rest all thanks for visiting

Siri said...

First time here Rina, and I am still drooling on ur Thali pic..:) Tadka dal on a heap of hot rice with a dallop of ghee. = HEAVEN! hehehe..:)

~ Siri

Rachel said...

Simple meal yet delicious! Lovely pics like always

Bharathy said...

What happened to my comment here?:( I go!..

The pics as well as the recipe is simply great!!!Love that avaraikkai in the bowl :)..Perfect balanced meal,rina :)
I can see you well versed in Tamil,telugu and Hindi version of the veggies! too :)..

Sreelu said...

Ether, nee comments choosanu ra, chala chala hectic ga undi work recipe chaka bagundi, pic kuda.chinappudu edi estham undedi kado eppudu ade istam avuthundi naku espcially val papdi.
Glad to hear your party went well, I remeber how busy you all would be around month of dec, aunty cake baking. How we all would come to wish you and how you would design your dress with Hema ( I hope I remembered the name). How I would get up my stairs to see the star on yours. Nice memories. Hugs to the kids. I am glad atleast we talk to each other thru the blog.

Rina said...

Siri, welcome to my space. Glad you like here.
Bharathi, did you leave your comment on this post earlier? any way thanks.
Rachel Thanks.
sri I was only concerned whether my comments reached you. Glad you still remember our old memories. You got Hema right. May you get some rest. bye ra.
and thanks all again


Dal and rice is always a handy and quick dish...lovely snaps!!

SMN said...

Simply superb dal..

Happy cook said...

Thankx for the info

Kribha said...

Simple and comforting meal with a beautiful presentation.

Rina said...

Sugarcraft, SMN and Kribha, Thanks

Rina said...

Sugarcraft, SMN and Kribha, Thanks

Pravs said...

simple food like dal are the best sometimes.Very nice pics.

Seena said...

did u read my mind? Oh, my fav. dishes................


Lovely pictures rina:))
Love your roti very much!!

Rina said...

Pravs, Seena & Raks Thanks.