Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mysore Pak .....JFS Festive Collection

cp3 (2) I don't know how the name Mysore pak came, but since the recipe uses channa dhall flour I thought I will call this sweet Channa pak.

This is the first time I tried it. Though not upto my expectations the taste was not bad. I thought of sending in the Chakra pongal entry for the Event JFS:Diwali hosted by Past Present and Me . This event JFI was originally started by Indira

But this weekend when I called my Sister back home, she gave me the recipe for a sweet made with maida(all purpose flour) which she just viewed in a TV show. Quickly her MIL joined and narratted the Mysore pak recipe. Thats it, I told my Sis, to check up my blog in a few days for my version of Mysore pak and here it is.
cp6 (2)
Ingredients :

2 cups Gram Flour (Besan)
1-1/2 to 2 cups sugar
1 cup ghee ( increase if desired)
To garnish:
2 spoons chopped cashew peices fried in ghee.

Boil sugar with a little water to make the sugar syrup with the string like consistency.
Add the Channa dhall flour(Bengal Gram flour) little by little to this syrup continually mixing without allowing any lumps to be formed.
Once all the flour is added, add the ghee slowly in small amounts and continue mixing thoroughly till all the ghee is added gets into every molecule of the this channa flour mixed in sugar syrup.
Once the mixture leaves the container, and big wholes appear on the surface of this sweet mixture, remove from heat.
Now pour this mixture into a greased tray and flatten it evenly.
Sprinkle some crushed cashew peices if desired.
Let the mixture set for a few minutes and cut into into desired shapes and arrange for serving.

cp6 (3) Please don't mind the shapes of my peices. I was just trying them for trail. Never thought I'll blog them. But didn't have time to give it another try. Taste was good. I'm sure I'll improve in the coming attempts.


Sig said...

I am not a big fan of the sweet, but love your pics... :)

Neelam said...

Hi Rina, I like Mysore Pak...Your recipe looks simple...Thanks for sharing...Nice pictures.

TBC said...

I like MP a lot. Never tried making it though.

TBC said...

I like MP a lot. Never tried making it though.

easycrafts said...

Your first attempt on this sweet has come out very well ...great going

Rina said...

Thanks all.

Lissie said...

rina, mysore pak looks yummy and perfect! liked the name 'chana pak'!!!

Happy cook said...

My favourite sweet MP. When ever i go to India this is the first sweet i buy. I too made them last week.
Enjoy the MP

Asha said...

Lot of bloggers made Mysore Pak this Diwali including me! Looks yum!:))

Rina said...

Thanks all and enjoy the MP. i know so many of us made MP and Carrot halwa. Both are yummy.

Rajitha said...

MP is definately up there in my fav. sweets..ur pcs. look so good..i always goof-up on the timing to take them out!!

Rina said...

Thanks Rajitha, yes I think timing is imp here.

Shella said...

Hi there, The mysore pak looks good. I have had mysore pak a few times, but never made it. Will give it a try.

sagari said...

rina mysore pak lookss sooooooo soft and yummyyyyyyy

Mansi Desai said...

More than the Mysore Pak I loved the colors!! truly spectacular, and so festive!!

Kribha said...

I've not tried this at home. It looks delicious. Photos are good.

Rina said...

Shella, Sagari, Mansi and Kribha, thanks all.

Sreelu said...

Never tried to make MP, seems easy should try this some time

rv said...

Hi Reena:)

Such lovely photos, and that blue feather looks so pretty..you have really good looking blog here:) About the onelette recipe, mymom also beats egg like your Grandmother:) , I try to do it her way, the lather doesnt come :)) ....planning to prepare the shrimp dish, but instead of shrimp, can I substitute something else ? My husband is allergic to shell fishes, but i love shrimp, so have to sacrifice when i prepare that at home:) ....Your dish just makes my mouth water, just feel like having the whole thing on the screen:)

Rina said...

Sri it doesn't take much time at all only practice till you get them soft and buttery. So worth a try.

rv than for long note. I know many people are allergic towards shrimp. I don't think any other seafood will go good with this recipe but yes, with Eggs you can follow this. Thanks for being here.

kitchenqueen said...

yuumyyyyyyy simple and awesome recipe thanx rina insha allah i will try spacialy in ramadan eid thanxx alot share with us this awesome recipe and great your blog i like it
keep it up!