Thursday, December 6, 2007

Vegetable Stir Fry

Continuing the vegan mood, here is a simple vegie stir fry. Accompanied by any meat or seafood, this is one fresh, healthy and handy vegie dish.

Coming from a Land of Spices, I have never come across people in our country who would make a simple vegie dish like this. Cause we always try to add, some spices or the other to give flavour to our vegie food.

So this can't be an Indian dish. Well though western and simple, it has all the benefits from the vegetables and ease to make.DSC00864
I don't know how many of my Indian foodies like raw vegetables, but I'm not a fan of raw vegies. Back home the only raw vegetables, that we ate where Carrot, Cucumber & Tomatoe. ( I can't remember more at this time) and off course raw onion.

In this part of the world people are so used to eating any vegetable raw. And to help them eat we have these range of "dips" readily available in all the grocery stores. Well, thanks to these dips, I am able to include all kinds of peppers now, in my list because of them.
So to strike a balance bewteen the raw vegetables and the Indian fries (where we cook our vegies so much that I doubt the nutritional value of them after cooking) a simple and quick Stir Fry Vegies come into rescue. Here the vegies are not overcooked at the same time they don't carry the raw smell in them but still be crunchy to give us that full feeling. Yea, replacing the carbs from rice and bread with the healthy vegie is a good way for a balanced diet. All that you need is some good portion of protien to go with it. And the best thing is, since you've cut down on those carbs in your meal, you can treat yourself with a dessert. Sneaky Uhh!!!
Now lets make this dish.
You can have the choice of your vegetables here. I used
Beans can to included to

To Stir fry:
1 Tbsp of Butter.(No magarine please)
Salt to taste.
A good sprinke of Black pepper
A few drops of Soy Sauce( Optional)
You can add any vegetable seasonings like Mrs Dash, if you want to spice it up.(Optional)

Heat up a wok add the butter,
Add the vegies once the butter melts.
Add salt mix well. (If adding soy sauce add very little or no salt)
Saute for 5 - 7 minutes
Add Soy Sauce, Balck Pepper, any Seasoning.
Toss a little and remove from heat, ready to be serve hot with your fav seafood or meat.


Padmaja said...

Rina that veggie stir fry looks so welcoming considering our grotty weather for past 2 days!!
I think I should start buying brocolli now and try

Shella said...

Wow Rina this dish looks really gorgeous!! Refreshing

remya said...

amazing pic rina...stir fry sounds recipe

Kribha said...

That bounty of vegetables looks so yummy. I always serve this along with pasta or seafood. Nice one!

Suma Gandlur said...

I love that idea of sneaking in a dessert.
Your toor dal pic looks so gorgeous.

Suganya said...

I am glad to see you continuing the tradition :)

Cynthia said...

Yeah, stir-fry is one of my preferred methods of cooking veggies.

Rina said...

Thank you all.

Sreelu said...

Esther, I make this frequently, rohi ki brocolli chala istam. Christmas prep elaga undi ?

Jayashree said...

Rina, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.....
To answer your question on my blog, No...I do not live in Toronto.
By the way, I too am from the land of spices.

Happy cook said...

Stirfry looks good. Is that a fried salmon next to it

Laavanya said...

What vibrant colours Rina...


Looks very nice and sounds healthy too!!

Shankari said...

nice recipe for a cold winter day

Rina said...

Sri, Josh & Joel like brocolli too. Christmas is usually busy with church programs.

Happy yes, that is wild salmon. I will be publishing that post too soon.

Jayashree, thanks for clarifying and welcome to my blog.

All others thanks for dropping here and leaving your notes.

Rajitha said...

Rina..sorry could not comment computer was acting up!!..wanted to the colors..vibrant..makes you want to eat :)

sagari said...

wonderfull pics rina and very healthy recipe

Shweta said...

I love the crunch in stir frys. Your recipe makes me want to make some rightaway!!

Siri said...

What a coincidence, I made this Veggie Stir Fry just yesterday and now I saw in ur Blog. The pics are lovely Rina!

~ Siri

Seema said...

Nice one - colourful veggis, just cooked perfect with slight cruch still left in them.. a perfect accompianment for any dish!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Lovely curry rina! I am dying to find some broccoli here! loved your pictures and recipe! simple and tasty! :)

Rina said...

Thank you all, again. Glad you liked the vegies.