Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kothu Roti / Parotta with Meat Gravy

AKA Muttai Parotta / Minced Egg Parotta
DSC04730 Kothu Parotta has some sweet memories of Nagapattinam/Velankanni beach side restaurants for me. As a small tourist attraction for those visiting Tamil Nadu, Velankkani, has quiet a festive look and the walk from the hotel to the seashore doing some petty shopping at beach side stores is a nice experience. By the time we reach the seashore our hungry belly is wanting the delicious seafood and other delicacies that this place has to offer. I have tasted the best fish fry ever in this place. They cut open a medium size fish and fry it on large tawas with marinated masalas. Not to mention the crab fry. I cannot understand how they can spice up the crab from within with out any gravy hanging out. If this is the seafood side they are nothing less when providing base foods to go with the seafood.
The Elegant Egg Dosa/Muttai Dosa, thin and crepe with beaten egg and masala on it, Parotta with Meen Kozhambu/fish gravy or the famous one and only Muttai Parotta/Kothu roti. I only remember tasting it 3 or 4 times. Often I and husband keep re chanting the memories of this. And it a must try on a visit to this place.

Procedure to make a Kothu Roti/Parotta is quiet interesting. Parottas are shredded into pieces beaten with long metal ladles on a large iron tawa, and egg, onions, gravy and other spices and ingredients are add to it and mixed to get the end result. It was totally new dish for a Telugu girl like me who has never heard about it in Andhra. Only after my marriage during the few years of my stay in Chennai I came to know it. Though in Chennai we do get this kothu Parotta, it is no comparison with the one I tasted in Nagapattinam/Velankanni. It is mostly a eaten for dinner and in Chennai/Tuticoran/Nagarcoil , you can hear the sound of making this dish in small restaurants nearly from very other street corner in the night time. In Toronto every Srilankan Tamil take out has this in there menu with added attraction of any meat/chicken to it. Again the same thing, the taste is no where satisfying near the Kothu Parotta we get in Velankanni.

This said I started to make it at home. Since we get the beaten shredded parotta/roti in the frozen food section in many srilankan Tamil stores, it makes it easy to try this dish at home.

Ingredients :
3 Fresh Parottas/Roti or Store bought Frozen Minced roti
1 Tbsp oil
1/4 tsp mustard seeds (optional)
2 thinly sliced/chopped red or white onions
5-6 Green chillies chopped
a handful of fresh curry leaves
1 Tomato chopped
1 tsp Black pepper powder
Salt to taste
2 -3 Eggs
1 Cup Meat curry (Mutton/Beef/Chicken)
Finely chopped coriander leaves
Lime wedges

In a wok or kadai heat oil and allow mustard to splutter.
Add curry leaves and green chillies fry for 10 seconds.
Add sliced/chopped onions and fry till the onion is cooked.
Now add chopped tomato and fry till all the water from it is gone.
Now add the Minced roti or shredded parotta, eggs, salt and peeper and mix well.
Once the egg becomes hard, add the meat curry with gravy and keep stirring till all the gravy stick to the parotta and the out is dry but moist.
Add coriander leaves and remove from heat.
Serve hot with lime wedges.



Nandini said...

Aha! Kothu paratha! Lovely! I love their deliciousness and appearance!

Happy cook said...

It is early morninf wish i had this for breakfast.

Rina said...

@ Nandini..thanx

@ Happy.. I know..though it is eaten mostly for dinner..wish we can have it for any meal..

Malar Gandhi said...

Heei, thats kool Rina, love kothu barotta(we call it this way)...yeah they are famous in deep south Tamil Nadu plus Srilanka, right.

B/n...yes yes...I too visit that poli shop in Anna Nagar..polis and chips alone. oh my gosh thats marvelous and lovely coinsidence, we both like it. They had two branches I suppose.

Gulmohar said...

I am quite new to your space...Am glad I came :-)
Kothu paratha looks delicious and tempting. Never tried this at home :-)

Rina said...

@ Gulmor, Thanks for visiting my space..

@ Malar, "barotta"..hahahaha I keep fighting w/ my hubby why in Tamil for Pa they say Ba and for Ba they say Pa, I know there is only one alphabet for both..for Padma they say Badma..for Ganga they say Kanga..It is still confusing for a Telugu girl like me, after being married to a Tamilian Husband for more than 10

And yes..the Anna Nagar Poli or should I say Boli store right on poonamalli high rd, just near the intersection where we turn to go ambattur. I still remember their jaggery coated jack fruit chips and the delicious coconut poli.

Viki's Kitchen said...

Kothu parotta is my al time favorite dear. The memories on Velankanni made me nostalgic:) ....Yummiest post and nice recipe .

Rina said...

@ Viki..yes I do cherish the memories of Velankanni...

@ Malar..I want to correct that the Anna Nagar poli store is on 100 feet rd not poonamalle...

my kitchen said...

My all time favorite,came out really well.

Rina said...

Thanx My Kitchen...

nandini said...

kothu parotta is surely my favourite... dont know why i never bothered to try... yours sound easy enough.. am going to try it soon. Firs time to ur blog.. i think i will drop in often now.

Rina said...

Thanx Nandini..and welcome to my space..

Bhuvana said...

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